The principles and practices of all the modern quality concepts come from the aviation industry.

The best practices of most indutries are our common practice. At CAIR AVIATION we master them. We implement, perfection and teach these concepts, procedure and practices on a daily basis.
That’s the reason why we offer outsanding and effective training programs based on rules and your own necessities.
The main topics we cover are the following:
  •  Human Factor – Initial & Recurrent Training;
  •  EASA Regulations – Part CAMO/CAO, Part 145, Part M/ML, Part 66;
  •  SMS and Risk assessment;
  •  Maintenance, store & technical office management;
  •  Quality assurance and audit basic principles.


The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) states, by track history, human error as the single most serious threat to aviation safety. This means that knowledge and understanding of human factors can contribute to significant improvements in aviation safety.
Be aware that Human Factor principles can be applied not only to Aviation, human factor is the main cause of quality issues in any industry.
At CAIR AVIATION we teach you how to improve your awareness and capabilities:
  • looking at how people interact with each other and various  aspects of the working environment;
  • on assessing a person’s capabilities and limitations;
  • influencing human activity to reduce risk and enhance safety;
  • re-design of working environments. This includes the development of policy, procedure, interfaces and processes aiming to enhance human performance.

Training people, increasing awarness, reducing risks, improving quality, moreover results in higher efficiency!

At CAIR AVIATION we can develop a specific training for
your specific needs regardless of your filed of activity.
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We can offer you a complete overview and detailed training on the following regulations:
  • Part CAMO/CAO;
  • Part 145;
  • Part 66;
  • Part M/ML;
  • Drones – Regulation (EU) 2019/947 and further revisions;
  • Rules for Air Operations (Part CAT/NCO/SPO/…).
What is aviation safety training


We can introduce you to the Safety Management System (SMS) and, moreover, support you in the implementation of the risk management activities of your own organization.
Depending on your staff and procedures, we can identify the so called “safety issues”, define the related risk and decide a risk mitigation.
Training also plays a key role in implementing effective Safety Management Systems. Training maintains personnel competencies, the sharing of safety information across the organisation and with external organisations where there is a safety interface.
For this reason we can provide you with specific training sessions that could be addressed to your top management as well as to your personnel.
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It’s hard to find skilled personnel: it’s a key success factor to properly maintain their training and take the right time and resources to grow their skills.
We can support your organization providing you with our expertise in the management of a store or a technical office as well as building an efficient hangar visit plan or the manpower resources.
We can also provide you with familiarization courses on the type of aircrafts listed in our capability list, courses which mix what it’s reported on the manufacturer’s publications with what you can physically find on board of your aircraft.
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What’s a Quality System?
Which are the basic principles of an audit?
Which is the best approach in dealing with people?
Do you want to improve your organization procedures to get to better results?
So many questions: we have the answers and we can introduce you to a different mentality which could lead your organization to safe operations, optimization of procedures and processes.
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