In addition to routine maintenance (50/100/200 hrs inspection, Annual Inspection, etc.), the maintenance department also handles complete overhaul (airframe, engine and related accessories), structural repairs, restoration of aircrafts that are no longer airworthy, and maintenance test flights according to EASA and specific company procedures.

Spare parts


We maintain several types of aircraft in accordance to our Capability List.

The restoration of unworthy aa/cc is one of our several skills as well as structural repairs in accordance to SRM (Service Repair Manual), CS-STAN and/or dealing with the manufacturer.


Using only genuine OEM spare parts, we maintain and overhaul:

  • Lycoming engines – Coming soon;
  • Continental engines – Coming soon;
  • Rotax engines – Coming soon;
  • Starters – Coming soon;
  • Ignition – Coming soon;
  • Magnetos – Coming soon;
  • Carburetor – Coming soon;
  • Fuel Injection System – Coming soon.
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CAIR AVIATION offer a complete service for the maintenance and the upgrading of your cockpit.

We can perform functional & operational tests as well as the installation of new equipments of the most worldwide well-known brands.

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